Why Apps are Towering Over the Traditional Pc Software

You might have heard that these days almost every business is trying to get their own app. Whether it’s the pizza business or the e-commerce, almost everyone with an online presence is trying to get their app on the app stores. But why are so many businesses investing in developing their apps. In this article we will answer exactly that. We will skim through some points that will make it clear as to why more and more businesses s are investing in app development.

  • The way people use internet has changed:

Earlier people used to surf the internet on their personal computers and laptops. But that trend has witnessed a sharp decline and if experts are to believed, this trend will end in less than ten years from now. People are moving towards hand held devices. As you might already know that hand held devices run on three major operating systems today i.e. Apples’ios, Goggle’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. All these three operating systems are based on the core ideology of division of labor by entrusting specific tasks to specific apps.Targeting audience and budget plays the important role with the development of the website so the Graftene understands the better needs of clients.

  • Surfing the net has become more personal:

Today, surfing the net has become a more personal experience. Earlier people used to surf the net in cyber cafes and on personal computers that were used by many other people. But today most of us have a hand held device that is very much personal to us and is used only by us. The personalization extends on the digital level too. For example earlier, all of the data was saved by the web browsers. This saved data could be easily stolen from the repository of the web browsers. But today apps save their own data which is specific only to them. This way the data itself has become more personal.

  • Apps offer better and targeted experience:

Gone are the days when people used to install huge software on their computers. These software served a broad range of purpose and offered multiple services. But most of us never used the entire bundle of services that used to come with the software. Most of us used only one or two specific services. Apps address this issue excellently. Apps are smaller in size as compared to the traditional pc software and they offer targeted services. This means that there is an app for you on the app store even if you are looking for only some basic services.