Tips for Picking the Right HVAC Contractor

The upkeep of home heating equipment is very important when it comes to maintaining a comfortable home. This means that the homeowner has to seek out a professional HVAC contractor to perform maintenance. Given that there are so many HVAC services to choose from, it can be a daunting task to find the one that’s right for a specific job. By doing a little prep work, however, a homeowner can find the best HVAC professional to fit their specific needs.

There are many different places to find HVAC contractors. The phone book is a popular place to start, especially if the customer wants to hire a smaller or more local service provider. Many websites offer referral and review services from previous customers and these can be very helpful. Potential customers can also ask around to friends, co-workers, neighbors, and family members to find a reliable professional.

It is imperative for the consumer to learn the basics about their HVAC equipment — things like model number and version, manufacturer, and maintenance history should be at the ready before the customer begins to call around for estimates. Customers should also keep notes on any abnormalities shown by the equipment (odd noises made by the equipment, strange smells that are being emitted, excessive heat or cold shown by the equipment) and should inform the potential contractors about these issues as well. By having these things ready before calling, the contractor will be more able to help to address the customer’s concerns and give them a more reliable estimate for repairs. As the customer calls around to potential contractors, they should ask specific questions. Many customers find this to be difficult, as they don’t like the be “pushy”, but learning more about a potential contractor will help the customer find the right one for them. Asking about things such as qualifications, services offered, hourly rates, and possible discounts will help the customer find someone that best fits their particular situation and budget.

Any contractor worth their salt will make it a priority to actually come to the work-site and review the potential job. If a contractor does not request an appointment for a home visit before the actual job, they may not be trustworthy or thorough on the job. Customers should also get written agreements from the chosen company with specific and itemized terms and be sure to review any potentially binding agreements before signing and hiring the contractor. By following these simple steps, a homeowner can not only find the right HVAC contractor for the job but they can also keep their heating equipment in excellent working shape.