Tips to do Business in Asia

Are you a businessman? Do you want to do business in Asia? Of course you need to understand the Asian culture and how they act in the business. You can not equate the western culture with Asian culture because both cultures are different from each other. This article will give you some tips for anyone who wants to do business in Asia. These tips are focused on the behavior of Chinese people because they form the majority of Asian nations.


  • Most of the Chinese people very fond of long-term commitment. They do not like the short-term commitment and therefore you need to offer them a long-term commitment to provide a secure feeling. Remember that feeling of safety is what desperately needed by the Asian community, particularly the Chinese community.
  • Do not engage in direct diplomacy for the people of Asia like everything done by consensus and harmony. You may need more time to learn and apply it in the field.
  • You should be concerned with in-depth understanding for the deep understanding gained from various angles is very important in Chinese community.
  • You have to understand that most Chinese people cannot say “NO” directly because they think it is something that is not polite. You do not need to lose patience in meeting the tortuous negotiations. Remember that this is typical of them. You need to ponder all things in depth. Avoid egoism as this can damage all the negotiations that have been conducted.
  • You may need to give a gift for gift-giving is an important thing of Chinese culture. Of course bribe someone is not a good thing, but in negotiations with the Chinese people, a gift is something that can facilitate negotiations.
  • China is a nation of patriotic so that all derogatory remarks of Chinese nationalism are unacceptable. Never condescending Chinese culture otherwise you will mess everything.
  • Banquet is very important before we move to the final stage. Never forget the importance of the banquet because this can determine our success in doing business with the Chinese. Prepare a dinner with the best possible quality for the banquet is determining negotiation quality.
  • You should note that any change in your body language for the Chinese negotiating style, body language can make informed decisions. Remember that you need to keep your body language because you might not be aware that the usual body language you use is disrespectful in the eyes of the Chinese people.
  • If you give a gift then it is important for you to not forget to wrap it in advance. Remember that the preamble is an important part of Chinese culture and they do not like direct action. They tend to like the tortuous act which is rich in courtesy.

I hope this article can help you in doing negotiation with Chinese. Remember that the culture is one of important things in doing negotiation with others. Good luck and happy negotiating!

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