Skip the Yard Sale: Best Ways to Sell Your Junk

You probably have lots of personal “junk” stored in your attic or basement and would like to free up the space for other uses. We all enjoy stopping at a yard sale, but to actually have your own yard sale to get rid of unwanted items is a huge job. Once you decide what you want to sell, the real work of sorting and pricing begins. Once you finish that task, you have to pick a date (and alternate rain date), advertise in the paper, make signs to post on the sale day, hope it doesn’t rain, find a place to park your cars for the day, and don’t forget to get small bills and change at the bank. And then you sit, for hours, watching people mess up your beautifully organized garage sale tables. There must be a better way.

Traditional Ways to Sell Your Junk

Cozi states that many people use Craigslist to get rid of unwanted items. It’s a waiting game and people may not find your listing. There is also a certain amount of risk of being contacted by someone with criminal intent. Advertising in your local newspaper’s classified section is another option for selling unused items collecting dust. Never allow any person to come to your home, and always meet in a public area during daylight hours.

Selling At Auction

According to Matheson’s Auction, an estate liquidation service in West Palm Beach FL, if you have a lot of things to sell, or are in charge of liquidating a friend or relative’s estate, having an auction is the most practical solution. The only work you have to do is sit down with the auction company and go over all the particulars. Choose an auction house that has a good reputation for advertising and item exposure. The lowest priced auction may not be the one that really draws the crowds through advertising. There are fees associated with an auction, but when you consider the fact you will most likely receive more money for your items than other types of selling, the costs are reasonable. Fees include the seller’s premium, which is generally a percentage of the selling price or a flat fee. The fee goes to the auction house for selling your item. Additional fees may be charged if you choose to have any of your items photographed and featured in a catalog or mailer. Always ask for a list of all potential fees, and remember most are negotiable.

Spend a little time going through the things you no longer need or want and try selling at auction to make some extra money.