Pros and cons of taking an installment loan

A lot of installment loan options exist in the market. These loans come with their own pros and cons. Although they accomplish a lot of needs but their disadvantages also need to be kept in mind while evaluating the options. You can visit the link to find the best available loans.



  1. Ease of payment:

One ease that comes with installment loans is the duration you get to pay back. Unlike payday or short term loans, you have a longer period of time to pay. Installments loans may be for as much long as for 30 years. So, you will get plenty of time to arrange the payments and build a good credit history. While people who depend on their pay for expenses will face difficulty to arrange installments as they come due.

  1. Bad credit history does not pose a problem:

Another benefit is that lending institutes rely on your ability to pay back when assigning you the loan. So, if you are having somewhat bad credit history you do not have to worry about it.

  1. Fast approval:

With the online loan options coming in the market, it is no longer a lengthy process to get your loan approved. If other requirements are complete, you can get your loan payment within a few days.

  1. Fixed installments:

Installment loans are paid in the form of fixed payments if the interest rate is fixed. So, you can predict in advance the amount you have to pay each month and can plan your expenses accordingly.


  1. Late payment fees:

If you are unsure about your repayment ability, do not go for the installment loan. You will be charged with late payment fees and it will also reflect poorly on your credit history report.

  1. Interest free options are also available:

If you own a credit card and make full payment every month, may be you are not in need of an installment loan because paying your credit card bill on time gives you interest-free source of borrowing. Similarly, occasionally, a need can be fulfilled with a short term loan. So, why take an installment loan and pay interest for years when you can accomplish your requirement with a short term loan. You need to thoroughly understand your situation whether you will be better off with the installment loan or not.

  1. Long term financial commitment:

Another problem with the installment loans is the long term payment process. You will have to make monthly payments for years. So, if you want to avoid this lengthy commitment, short term loan is a better option for you. You can always visit to find the best available option to fulfill your need.

  1. Stressful process:

Taking an installment loan can be a stressful process at times. As you will be under debt for a very long period of time, anything can happen that will affect your repayment capacity. You can face financial crises or you might get bankrupt. All these conditions will affect your repayment ability hence indulging you in mental and financial pressure.