Promoting your Optrafair Exhibition Stall

So the stall is booked and your professional eye care company is ready to sell itself at the UK’s biggest audited eye care trade show at the NEC Birmingham next April. But how will attendees know to come to your stall? Optrafair exhibition stalls sell out early, so if yours isn’t booked, do it now.


More information and booking can be found here on the official Optrafair site.

Promote your Giveaway

Use your social media accounts to let potential visitors know of something great about your stall well in advance. You could offer anything from water bottles, coffee, chocolates or a goodie bag. If you have a limited number of goodie bags, make sure potential attendees understand that they have to visit early to claim theirs.

Get the Stall Right

No amount of promotion will help if the stall itself doesn’t look fabulous. Seek out plenty of Optrafair exhibition information and stall ideas to make sure you get it right.

Run a Competition

A competition such as this one last year from Wolf Eyewear, is sure to attract a lot of visitors, especially if you promote the competition in advance by sending press releases to industry news magazines.

Post Photos of the Stall

Once you have the stall up and running take some great pictures and post them on your social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and even mention the official @optrafair twitter feed for the hope of a retweet. Potential visitors may then recognise your stall when they see it and gravitate towards it. This is also a chance to let people know where you are in the NEC.

Launch a Product

A trade fair is THE time to launch a new product. Create some buzz around the product on your website and even using email marketing and social media. Make sure potential customers know you’ll be exhibiting this for the first time at the Optrafair.

As you can see, creating a buzz around your stall before the event, whether it’s a competition, a limited number giveaway or a product launch, is a great way to get your presence out there before the show. A well timed social media photo of your stall and updates throughout the show is another great way to get people excited.