How to Get the TV Shows You Want at an Affordable Price


If you’re like many other Americans, you’re probably looking for ways to trim your budget. However, this can be a challenge when the bills keep coming in every month. Home communication services bills can be especially tricky. You may find that you’re paying over $150 for these services.

You’re not alone. The Mintel Group’s survey showed that the average cost of home communication services in the US is $154 per month. This translates to about $1,800 per year. That is a lot more than many families spend on furniture or electricity in a year.

With little competition in the market, home communication service providers continue to increase the rates for their services. It is therefore no big wonder that many Americans are feeling trapped and frustrated by the overpriced packages from traditional service providers.

The good news is that there is a different approach to accessing these home communication services and still save money. It’s called bundling. Bundling allows you to have all these services managed by one company. You get to choose the service providers and the services you need and have them managed by a primary service provider.

Bundling offers many more opportunities especially when it comes to programming. Here’s how you can use bundling to get the programs you want.

  • Determine the programs you want

What programs do you want to watch? Make a list of the programs that you enjoy watching. You should also ask members of your family to do so. Is there a noticeable trend e.g. sports fanatics or movie lovers?

  • Find out what options you have

What TV service options do you have in the area? Do you have access to cable or satellite TV? Explore the options for TV service providers available in your area and compare their packages. You may want to search for the hottest Direct TV deals in Miami for example to get great programming at an affordable price.

You can use price comparison sites for quick comparison. However, make a point of visiting the TV provider’s website to get a better idea of their programming and any deals or discounts they offer. Be sure to check the fine print when it comes to pricing. Find out what the cost of subscription will be when the offer is over.

  • On demand options

You can save a lot of money by opting for a basic package with an option for ‘On Demand.’ This option allows you to gain access to premium content such as the latest movies with the click of a button.

Be sure to find out what this service costs and how it will affect your monthly bill. Some service providers offer the service for a standard fee while others require you to pay depending on the content accessed.

  • Opt for high speed internet

You may still miss out on some great content that you crave even when you have the best TV package. Having high speed internet access can help fill the gap. With streaming services available online, you can access more content.