Four Great New Catering Concepts for 2016

Catering as a business model is surprisingly resilient to economic flux. Everyone needs to eat, and sharing food and hosting meals is an integral part of our social and business lives.


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That is not to say that any new catering business started during a recession is destined to succeed. To make a business work, you need to find a new niche in the market or a shortfall in supplying a current requirement. This is why having a creative business idea for a catering company can give you the edge. Although you are the one who knows your location’s needs, here are some great ideas to get you started.

1. Children’s Party Caterers

Being a caterer to an adult event requires experience, talent and innovation. The competition is high, and the hosts want to impress their guests with a lot of flair. However, catering to a children’s event is a whole different game. Parents are under pressure and simply want to outsource the task. The menu is much humbler, typically containing sandwiches, fairy cakes and fruit samplers. The emphasis is on providing fun, tasty and attractive food to order, which is something most caterers can handle.

2. Picnic Basket Provider

You’ll need to check local regulations before serving food and drinks in your local parks, but if you have permission, this can be a real money spinner. Customers simply order a basket of all their favourites a day in advance and meet you after their walk. However, you’ll have to decide whether your basket and blanket are imaginary or whether you want to charge a deposit and arrange a time to pick them up.

3. Festival Catering

There are a lot of opportunities out there for caterers who are willing to supply to their local festivals. The work is extremely short-term but the profits can be good. Look towards building a relationship with a draught soft drink supplier to maximise profits. Then check out what’s available at a company such as

4. Restaurant Taxi

While this is technically a transport business, many of the same health and hygiene rules apply. If you’re already doing sandwich delivery, building a relationship with a local restaurant could generate evening revenue. Be sure to check with your local authorities to ensure your business meets all the regulatory requirements.