Chinese Hockey Boom Brings Opportunities For Canadian Businesses

Following China’s successful bid for the 2022 Winter Olympics, powerhouses in winter sports such as ice hockey, skiing, and figure skating have been asked to contribute their expertise – with Canada at the forefront.


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With approximately six years of preparation ahead, China is wasting no time in attempting to ensure that many of the successful future Olympians are homegrown. China has traditionally underperformed in the Winter games, in comparison to its huge successes in the Summer games, and so the nation is attempting to redress the balance. China has invited assistance from Canada in particular, to bolster the nation’s interest in hockey and to lend its expertise in creating and managing an effective squad.

Getting involved

China has produced some outstanding athletes in a range of disciplines and has encouraged young people in particular to get involved. Wherever you are in the world, it is never too early, or too late, to get started.

Many sports enthusiasts now search online for field hockey drills or other exercises, and rely on sites like The run up to Olympic Games, such as London 2012, has previously boosted the number of individuals involved in exercise, as reported by the BBC. It is hoped that the excitement and anticipation of an event such as the 2022 Winter Games will inspire a new generation both at home and abroad.

An untapped international market

Linda Qian is a research fellow at the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada. She commented that the collaboration between Canada and China could strengthen hockey markets and provide business opportunities for both nations. The programme has already begun with player exchanges, sending Chinese players to develop their skills in Canada and Canadians to give the benefit of their experience in China. The Chinese Olympic delegation most recently visited Vancouver. The Chinese national women’s hockey team enjoyed a tournament against a number of teams from British Columbia, as well as receiving special training and insight from hockey Hall Of Famers.

Qian commented that the exchange represented a fantastic opportunity for China to strengthen its Winter Olympics hopes, and for Canadian businesses to tap into a rapidly growing Chinese market. “There is a lot of space in the Chinese market for Canadian hockey franchises to step in,” she told an online source. “It is an untapped market with huge potential”.