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1.7 billion in credit card debt – and rising

The average person owes nearly £8,500 on their credit cards, startling figures have revealed.

Credit cards are meant to be used for short-term borrowing, to pay for flights or unexpected expenses, for example. However, millions of people are finding that they are locked into long-term debts on their credit cards.


StepChange Debt Charity has revealed that it was contacted last year by more than 200,000 people owing £1.7bn to credit card companies. In the past five years, the charity has helped people with £8.6bn outstanding on their credit cards.

Millions of Credit Card Users Only Repay the Minimum

This is an incredible amount of money with many barely paying off the interest on their cards each month. The FCA has said that 1.6 million credit card users are making the minimum payments and it will take more than 10 years for five million credit cards to be paid off at the current rate of repayments.

If the minimum repayments were increased from one per cent of the balance to just two per cent, this could cut repayment times by up to seven years.

The StepChange Debt Charity is calling on the Financial Conduct Authority to make changes so credit cards work better for people who face financial difficulties.

One suggestion is to change the minimum monthly repayments. The charity says reforms to these repayments could cut the time it takes a £1,000 debt to be repaid from 18 years to three. This would also save consumers hundreds in interest.

It is calling for lenders to install a package of measures to bring down balances and promote responsible lending. It also wants to reduce the number of people who are juggling several credit cards.

The FCA suggests that credit card companies could offer a range of pre-set automated monthly payments rather than just the minimum amount.

Help with Debt

Thousands of people get into financial strife because of credit card debts. Anyone who has problems repaying debts needs to seek help before it gets out of hand.

More people than ever are considering contacting a specialist about setting up an Individual Voluntary Agreement or IVA. Numerous firms like Carrington dean offer advice on IVA agreements to consolidate debts.

If debt is a problem it’s best to seek advice straightaway so the repayments are more manageable.

Pros and cons of taking an installment loan

A lot of installment loan options exist in the market. These loans come with their own pros and cons. Although they accomplish a lot of needs but their disadvantages also need to be kept in mind while evaluating the options. You can visit the link to find the best available loans.



  1. Ease of payment:

One ease that comes with installment loans is the duration you get to pay back. Unlike payday or short term loans, you have a longer period of time to pay. Installments loans may be for as much long as for 30 years. So, you will get plenty of time to arrange the payments and build a good credit history. While people who depend on their pay for expenses will face difficulty to arrange installments as they come due.

  1. Bad credit history does not pose a problem:

Another benefit is that lending institutes rely on your ability to pay back when assigning you the loan. So, if you are having somewhat bad credit history you do not have to worry about it.

  1. Fast approval:

With the online loan options coming in the market, it is no longer a lengthy process to get your loan approved. If other requirements are complete, you can get your loan payment within a few days.

  1. Fixed installments:

Installment loans are paid in the form of fixed payments if the interest rate is fixed. So, you can predict in advance the amount you have to pay each month and can plan your expenses accordingly.


  1. Late payment fees:

If you are unsure about your repayment ability, do not go for the installment loan. You will be charged with late payment fees and it will also reflect poorly on your credit history report.

  1. Interest free options are also available:

If you own a credit card and make full payment every month, may be you are not in need of an installment loan because paying your credit card bill on time gives you interest-free source of borrowing. Similarly, occasionally, a need can be fulfilled with a short term loan. So, why take an installment loan and pay interest for years when you can accomplish your requirement with a short term loan. You need to thoroughly understand your situation whether you will be better off with the installment loan or not.

  1. Long term financial commitment:

Another problem with the installment loans is the long term payment process. You will have to make monthly payments for years. So, if you want to avoid this lengthy commitment, short term loan is a better option for you. You can always visit to find the best available option to fulfill your need.

  1. Stressful process:

Taking an installment loan can be a stressful process at times. As you will be under debt for a very long period of time, anything can happen that will affect your repayment capacity. You can face financial crises or you might get bankrupt. All these conditions will affect your repayment ability hence indulging you in mental and financial pressure.

Pay Your Home Equity Loan

Over the year’s home loan products have evolved big time. People no longer see them just as an avenue to buy home. In fact, increasing large numbers of people these days are first analyzing the tax benefits of home loan and other value added features before opting for them. The home loan application process has also become convenient and user friendly. The users just need to visit, the one stop solution for all realty needs in India and apply for loans online sitting at home or on the go through its seamless ‘Look Up’ app.

UntitledThe real estate in India is evolving big time! From the emergence of e-commerce firms like to the rise of new financial schemes for customers such as home equity loans, this generation is expected to be service driven. The home equity loan is a product wherein buyers can take top-up loan in addition to existing home loan provided the worth of property and the income level meets eligibility criteria. This can be explained by simple example. Let’s say someone purchased a 2 BHK flat in Andheri, Mumbai in 2008 for 80 lakh rupees and took a loan of 50 lakh rupees on it. The person now wants an additional home equity loan of 50 lakh rupees on the same property from the existing lender. To begin with lender will first scrutinize the current worth of an asset which in this case comes out to be 1.4 crore rupees and will then see if the income criterion is met. However, in this case the income is not an issue. The lender (bank or housing finance entity) cannot sanction the difference amount as home equity loan as is. They will deduct 30% from 1.4 crore, which then leaves the eligibility amount to 98 lakh rupees. From here on, the existing loan of 50 lakh rupees will be taken off. This leaves the loan eligibility amount to 48 lakh. Nonetheless, over the last 7 years, the person has already repaid 10 lakh rupees from the original home loan amount which then gets added to home equity evaluation amount and the eligibility sum shoots up to 58 lakh rupees.

Having said this, there are some critical aspects of home equity loans that buyers must be aware of. These are as follows:

  • Rate of interest is more than housing loans
  • Tenure is shorter. Generally, in the range of 10 to 15 years
  • EMI is mostly on the higher side
  • When combined with home loans, the monthly burden rises significantly

Hence, even if people have availed these loans, it makes great sense to pay them off at the earliest possible. The customers can take help of financial experts from trusty worthy property websites like to devise a strategy to pay off home equity loan. In general, the customers can look at diverting part of provident fund, PPF, fixed deposits, bonus and salary increment towards repaying these loans. This also makes great financial sense simply because of the fact that interest rates on almost all of these schemes today is less than 10% while the interest rates for house equity loan is generally in upwards of 12%.

Importance From China a small business of Fantastic Profitability

The industry for Oriental products is currently a genuine economic sensation worldwide, and posting from China in the proper and also intelligent way can be quite a highly rewarding business.
Using a GDP (Yucky Domestic Merchandise) of approximately 1. 71 thousand dollars is currently the next largest economy on earth and using a population greater than 1300 thousand people, China produces virtually all items regarding human consumption around the globe at really competitive prices rendering it even a lot more profitable and also interesting enterprise import coming from China.
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From your most different economic sectors associated with this increase of products stated in China because the primary mining, gas, acrylic, gold, gold, platinum, birdwatcher, etc.., agriculture as cereals, greens, livestock and also fisheries. Extra sector: producing, textiles, garments and shoes or boots and tertiary areas: transport, business and vacation. And the particular technology market where specifically China rates high first on earth over the usa.
China is currently in any transition period inside the production regarding goods and also services, because huge companies recognized around the globe have set their factories in the united states to generate at low priced product traces also as a result of abundance regarding cheap labour, but also to standardize top quality control regarding products manufactured in China in line with the quality specifications required from the international standards inside the global industry.
However, in China it could find different varieties of quality and also price for each and every market will need. And they understand that buyers flock to get the many varied goods. Whether by means of travel right to the region to be involved in fairs, or head to strategic locations in numerous cities which can be motor regarding development: Beijing, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and so forth.., to make contact with Chinese suppliers and dealers. Or from the Global Details Network World wide web where it could strategically locate lots of the best goods and oriental manufacturers and also launch them in to a mutually beneficial method of trading.
The Oriental have continuing as method of development the identical model regarding development with the Japanese following your second planet war, where you should turn directly into world strength they delivered or mattered with their country overseas technology regarding forefront to learn the techniques, to apply them also to improve these, which provides generated to be able to internal stage a reactivation with the economy with out precedents, and in case there is the Cina this failed to owe to be able to restoring the particular economic effects of your devastating war as it happened inside Japan, but to be able to happening from your backward style of agrarian communism to at least one of extensive capitalism and also industrial and also technological advancement.
Because with this, at now is these kinds of production in how much articles and also Chinese buyer price favorability rewards that virtually any worldwide importer may take on highly positive price inside his region of dwelling and promote volumes each and every time major with the products which it needs to produce and to be able to fidelize the inner demand and also to commercialize these with some other possible competition generating crucial strategic alliances that way.
In the truth of the net is achievable with existing technological methods to establish an entirely virtual enterprise with Oriental products, just announcing as a possible intermediary the products and placing because of it with the aid of recommended sources proven simply by suppliers regarding chinese products offering excellent margins income and option of delivery and posting these kinds of promotions expertly specialized directly into recommended sites and charging any brokerage perimeter when consumers come and have for the item or goods, then the particular chinese dealer sends for the final buyer his obtain to domicile.
You can find for the truth of selling of oriental prodcuts several basic steps to ascertain a very profitable business from the power with the Internet:
1. Detect online business offerings through particular tools gives Internet nowadays.
2. Import products of your 100% legitimate, no difficulties with customs and also logistics.
3. Sell €‹€‹successfully and also professionally the products on Yahoo and market sites (for instance Free Industry, EBay among others).
some. Find and also attract 1000s of potential buyers each day.
5. Greatly sell oriental products, using social support systems like Fb.
Internet provides enormous advantages for the global trade in which overcome every one of the traditional types of import. And also this because that have joined every one of the resources which it offers realtime: real-time usage of information a day, interactive merchandise catalogs, with quick communication around the globe, high impact web site design, sales methods and computerized immediate on the web purchase and also insurance, and so forth.., dramatically leveraging a small business which can be done from the particular comfort of house or office.
On one other hand the thought of investment with the human, technical and also economic capital when it is imported from your China regarding traditional kind, represents a great economic extremely big quota, considering that because of this exist intricate structures and also companies together with years regarding experience available of the particular international trade which can be those which gather the merchandise in slot, store these, transport for the country in which buys and they repeat yet again the earlier process like the costs regarding customs, nationalization and also stowage.

Instead these kinds of complications will not exist during establish any virtual imports enterprise from Cina, as the particular processes mixed up in search regarding manufacturers and also products, logistics and also delivery can be obtained now and also automated, so your business operator, acts as a possible intermediary in which connects suppliers and consumers intelligently making use of technology resources which it offers World wide web today.

Just how Your Passion Can help you Create A property Business!

Any e mail or individual that says starting a property business (Web business) can be a quick solution to make vast amounts overnight without the effort is merely outright lying down. Yes, you possibly can make millions online with your own personal home enterprise, but just like anything regarding value, it does take some perform. So, it is important that your develop a home web business you’ll really like.
10 simple ways for operating a Forklift Safely1
For myself, it has been my interest for trading stocks, so My partner and i created my own online publication called Stocks2Watch® inside January regarding 1998 and also I nonetheless publish it each night. Since that has been back inside the early nights of Website marketing, when there was no rules to check out, I were required to do plenty of learning as i went alongside, resulting in a few very extended days. If I wasn’t so passionate in what I has been doing, I might probably not take business nowadays.
Now, getting started out with a web business is a lot easier and you’ll not have to be effective nearly since hard as i did (as you be acquiring fresh articles here). But nevertheless, you desire to wake up every day excited to access work on your home-based business.
So, how will you turn the passion in to a viable online home-based business? We’ll describe that even as go alongside, but for the present time, start thinking about the things in your lifetime that really allow you to get excited and the method that you could turn them in to a home enterprise.
You’d become surprised. And the following point to carry out is….
… Find what exactly is called any “niche” industry for your home-based business.
After you will find some ideas in what you are usually passionate concerning, you must be sure other folks (prospective customers) are usually passionate concerning them furthermore, in order to make a profitable home-based business.
This market is a tiny, targeted crowd who share a certain interest. The harder specific the niche will be, the easier it’ll be to target your marketing and advertising messages in their mind.
You must zero in over a specialty goods and services that is normally not accessible through standard retail programs. Your marketplace must become specifically determined and positioned online.
You need to FOCUS. Not everyone will require your merchandise, so focus your time and effort on individuals who carry out. If an individual develop your products or services with these individuals specifically at heart, you will probably be far more productive than choosing trying to offer your goods and services to every person.
You Can not be all what to all folks!

If you have business or perhaps idea and you also have realized your marketplace is finished crowded, you could try to be able to narrow the focus. As an example, if your internet site sells electronic digital recorders, you could have plenty of competition and battle to get seen. If you’re to filter your emphasis to marketing exclusive, high-end electronic digital recorders to be able to professional people, you could have a better chance regarding success with your home-based business.

Top 5 Reasons To Go The Solar Way

There is a recent post I did and I pointed out that I prefer working for a Company that has not only succeeded in its endeavors but also provides products and services that are safe for the environment. In addition to that, the products and services ought to deliver value to the consumers using them. For a while now, the advantages of solar energy has been a controversial subject and the arguments are usually against solar. This is in regards to dependence on sunshine together with inefficient photovoltaic technology. This is together with concrete benefits such as a free and never-ending supply of energy source and the significant advances that have taken place where photovoltaic cells are concerned.

Really, who would have thought that just ten years ago, one could power their cell phone with a portable small solar charger? People are now becoming aware of the many advantages associated with solar energy and this has made it the second largest source of new electricity generating capacity, behind natural gas. The five reasons are;

Good for the economy; there are over 100,000 jobs created because of solar energy.

Cuts your taxes; 30% tax credits for adding energy efficient devices to your home.

Property value; it increases your property value by several thousands.

Inexpensive; solar energy is progressively becoming inexpensive and since 2011, the average price of a solar panel has reduced by over 60%.

Right thing to do; from an environmental perspective, you will agree that you will be saving the environment especially when you compare it to coal.

For more information on solar power in Australia visit Momentum Energy

4 Habits That Will Give You Debt Relief and Make You Sleep Better At Night

Debt obligations have to be honored regardless of the circumstances you find yourself in.

There are certain extenuating circumstances that could make a creditor consider debt forgiveness, such as an accident that renders you incapacitated and unable to work. Even in such a situation, you cannot be assured that the outcome will work entirely in your favor.

If you are feeling overwhelmed by your debt situation, you should seek advice from a certified counselor. If your income levels are low, your counselor will recommend national debt relief programssuch as debt settlement or debt consolidation.

If your income level is good, a debt counselor will advise making adjustments that will help you get yourself out of debt. Your debt counselor might recommend some useful advice such as that listed below to help you get out of debt in a short time:

  1. Stop borrowing

If you are borrowing too much, it means that you don’t have a handle on your finances. It also means that you are spending way more money than you can afford.

The temptations of owning nice things, such as a high-speed vehicle and high end furniture, will always be there. But you have to remember that if you cannot afford to pay for such items in cash, it means that their price tag is way more than you can manage.

  1. Set aside emergency money

The need for an emergency fund cannot be stressed enough. If you have emergency money, you will not borrow when you are faced with a problem.

Though it is good practice to reserve use of your credit cards to only necessary situations, your credit card should not act as a replacement for an emergency fund. This is because a credit card will get you into more debt whereas an emergency fund is your own money, so it doesn’t put you into more debt.

  1. Organize a repayment plan for your debts

Create a plan of how you are going to pay off your debts. Start by paying off your small debts first as this will help you believe in your ability to clear your debts and give you the necessary momentum for tackling your bigger debts.

Whatever the size of your debts, you should consider paying off the ones that have higher interest first as those are the ones that tend to grow fast.

As you will be making such huge savings in interest, you can increase the amount of money you direct towards debt repayment every month.

  1. Use any excess money you get to repay your debt

There will always be situations when you come by some extra money. You may sell your car, for instance, in order to buy a cheaper one. Whatever money you get from such a sale, use it for your debt payments.

Debt relief will give you a feeling of freedom hence your efforts should remain unwavering. Deny yourself some luxuries for the moment and you will sleep better in the future knowing that you do not owe anyone a cent.

How To Pay Off Your Debt Smartly?

There is nothing painful than suffering the burnt of debts that begin to pile up around you. For making things worse, you will be denied loan from other moneylenders because you are unable to pay off the credit that you already have. As such, problems escalate, so are your bills. There are strategies that can help you to pay off your debts in short time.

The problem with many unsecured credit or consumer debts is the interest rates. These are so high that even if you are paying minimal monthly payments, you can never pay off completely. When you fall behind in repayments or start borrowing above the limit with your credit card, you have to end up paying additional fees like over the limit or late payment penalty.

What To Do When You Face Debt Stricken Situation?
When you face this kind of situation, you need to plan ways for getting your debt under control for placing yourself in position where you can get rid of debt quickly. Before you explore debt relief option, you have to keep in mind that you did not take short time to get into debt problem. So, the remedies which will be taken need careful planning and to see whether they work in right order.

What You Need To Do First
You can find many options related with debt relief. Before you take any action, you need to make list of all debts, prepare note of every creditor, their personal details and also note the interest rates.

You are also required to prepare a report on your incoming money and see where you spend that amount every week. Prepare a budget and stick to it, when you look out for ways, which will suit your circumstances and help you to some relief from your debt.

Scrutinize Every Debt
At next step; you need to see which debts bear highest rate of interest. You need to pay off them on first basis. This will help you to ease most of your debt burden. Then pay the minimum on other debts. Except for the one, which at the top of your list, pay as much as you can for that debt.

Convince Your Creditors
You have to call all your creditors and explain them your situation. During that time, you should fairly deal with them. Ask them, if they will allow you to pay off the debt with lesser or full amount or ask them for lowering the interest rates when you are making repayment.

Go For Debt Consolidation
One of the suitable ways for getting financial assistance is to opt for debt consolidation. Generally, a debt consolidation loan will roll all debts over to one and pay for them. This kind of loan bears low interest rate and you can get facility of lower monthly repayments.

You Can Avail Home Refinance Option
If you are a homeowner, you can draw facility of home refinance plan. It is also referred as home equity loan. You can use this loan for various reasons and also direct it towards repayment of previous debts. If you borrow home refinance loan for longer term, you an enjoy benefits of lower interest rate as well as minimal repayment options every month.

While debt relief is crucial for getting out of debt you already owe, it is also advisable to educate yourself for preparing budget, which will help you to mange your income and expenditure in better way, and keep you safe from clutches of bad debts. For further query, visit,

Why a Debt Counselor is Important When You Want to Get Debt Consolidation

If you are in such a situation where your life is overwhelmed by debts, debt consolidation is what you need. Large debts could cause you to:

  • Live paycheck to paycheck
  • Exist in fear of debt collectors due to failed payments
  • Be incapable of putting aside an emergency fund
  • Be unable to commit to a budget

Before you sign up for debt consolidation, you will need to see a debt counselor to prepare you for debt consolidation.

Dealing with debt counseling companies

Most reputable debt management companies have debt counselors as part of their team or they collaborate with other firms that offer credit counseling services. Some of these outside counseling companies are non-profit based and some even offer online services.

Companies that offer in-house counseling tend to offer consolidated credit counseling as part of the consolidation package, so you will not need to pay any additional money.

If you are not using an in-house counseling service, be sure to check that it’s not a scam. Online services that ask you for money are especially to watch out for. Do your research sufficiently to avoid losing your money.

Another way to spot a red flag is finding a company that asks for your personal information. The company, and not you, should be the one sharing information about what it has to offer.

Do some checks at the consumer protection agency nearest to you. You can ask the company for the necessary certification and let it know that you will call the accreditation bodies to find out if the certification is genuine.

What should you expect from a debt counselor?

The counselor will assign time for you. Depending on how dire your situation is, you could need more than one session.

An accredited debt consolidation counselor will:

  • Guide you on money management and handling debts
  • Show you how to develop a reasonable budget
  • Advice you on how to live within your means
  • Give you tips on how to set money aside to deal with emergencies
  • Give you free learning material and organize workshops for you
  • Take a step by step journey with you through your financial life with the end view being to develop a customized plan for you that will help you resolve your financial problems

Questions you should ask your counselor

Below are some of the questions you should ask your debt consolidation counselor:

  • Find out the scope of their counseling services. Insist on getting all round financial counseling that includes budget management, savings and debt handling workshops.
  • How can you get access to more information? A good company will have a lot of information on their website that you can access free.
  • How to avoid going in debt in the future. The counselor should be experienced in assisting debtors like you to avoid future debt problems.
  • Charges. Do not start the counseling sessions without talking about costs. Otherwise, you might incur a cost you had not planned to incur.
  • If you are dealing with a counselor outside the debt consolidation company, find out about their qualifications and licenses and if they are licensed to operate in your state.


Now that you understand the value of debt consolidation counseling, plan for a session before you get a debt consolidation loan.

Laws That Govern Car Title Loans in San Jose Business

Car title loans are a controversial subject. Many people hold divergent views about them and they are even prohibited in some states. Over 25 states do not permit car title loans as authorities deem them predatory. Lenders in a few other states give car title loans by taking advantage of loopholes in the lending system in order to give title loans.

However, car title loans need not have harsh categorization as they currently carry. The states that allow car title loans actually have regulations in place to protect the borrower, such as the three listed below.

  • Repo laws

They govern repossession of the borrower’s vehicle upon default of loan payment.

  • Right to cure

They are laws designed to protect the borrower before selling of the repossessed vehicle. This allows time for the borrower to catch up on payments or to enter into a repayment plan.

Lenders in most states that allow car title loans give you notice and allow you to get into a repayment plan.

  • Surplus/deficiency

On sale of the repossessed vehicle, the laws in majority of the states stipulate that the lender must return any surplus amount above the loan amount, interest and fees to the borrower.

Differing arguments about car title loans

Car title loans are helping many people rather than destroying lives. They get you out of a fix quickly and give you time to organize yourself.

Antagonists view car title loans as irresponsible and advice that people should opt for options such as:

  • Get a loan at the bank, even if it is a short-term one.
  • Get a cash advance on your credit card.
  • Use social lending or loans from family members.
  • Go on welfare.

However, these recommendations are only sensible in theory. In practice, people in need of immediate cash may not use the above recommendations because:

  • Their family and friends may not have cash and even if they do, they have their own problems to deal with
  • Their turn to borrow from a social group may not be up yet.
  • A loan from a bank, whether short term or long term does not clear in a day.
  • You may have bad credit, so this is not even an option.

As such, some of the options given to replace car title loans tend to be ignorant of the plight of most borrowers. If you are in the San Jose area, check online to see lenders of title loans in San Jose.

Can borrowers be protected further?

If the concern is really to protect people from car title lenders, perhaps the best thing to do is to require a borrower to go to a financial adviser and sign a consent form saying that he is aware of the full implications of the type of loan that he is applying for and that no one is coercing him.

The bottom line is that, there is a place for car title loans in the economy. While some might deem it irresponsible to take a car title loan, a good majority of people are just not able to use the bank or any other alternative.

However, as long as there are laws, both the lender and the borrower will have protection and they can continue to benefit each other’s lives.

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