5 Common Myths AboutOver 50s Life Insurance.

Although modern life insurance can be traced back as far as the early 18th century, it is still surrounded by myths and legends. Ask many young Britain’s today if they have life cover, and they will look at you bemused. In this short article I will try and dispel just five common over 50s life insurance myths.

Who needs life cover at my age?

Many of the younger generation look on life cover as a thing for the older generation. Something to be considered when you take on responsibilities, get married; or the first born arrives.

As a young man or woman, the world is their oyster. They are going to live forever. Rule the world. Life cover is for older people. Nothing could be further from the truth. The sooner one takes out some form of life insurance, the cheaper, and more comprehensive, the range of benefits available.

Life cover only pays out when I die:

This is a big myth. Whole life policy holders can begin to enjoy the benefits of their policy usually after the first year. Dividends can be paid out annually, and used as a tool to fund policy premiums, or increase cash value and death benefits.

The policy can be pledged against a cash withdrawal, or used as security against a tax-free loan. Small business owners can use their policy as collateral to provide additional working capital.

Whole Life Insurance is a bad bet:

Not true. Many alternative policies offer a fluctuating, but increasing, level of returns. Life insurance is designed to be a cheap, cost effective method of providing a fixed amount, unaffected by the fluctuations of the stock market, to the dependents of the policy holder. Payout amounts, no matter what the volatility of the market, are guaranteed by the company.

It’s a waste of time when I’m over 50:

Very much not true. It is true to say, taking the same size policy as a 20 year old, when you are 50, won’t pay out the same level of benefit. However, most of us by the age of 50 years have advanced up the ladder in our chosen career.

Mortgages are paid off, and we have more money in our pocket. Many companies today, provide a range of life insurance policies for the 50 – 75 year old client, without any need of a medical. What better way to invest a little of that extra available cash. Adding a little bit more to the value of your estate.

My mortgage insurance will provide for the family:

Provided you have a large endowment policy, and the stock market has performed well over the years then yes, possibly. But, mortgage insurance, and the life portion which goes with it, is designed specifically to pay off the balance on your property.

Holding a separate life policy has additional benefits in its own right. You can use the policy as collateral against a loan on your property. If you’ve already borrowed against the property, then the benefit of an additional life policy provides that extra piece of mind. Ensuring your dependants have that much needed extra cash, in time of crisis.

Next time you’re out and about, pick up a few leaflets on life insurance, and set yourself and dependents on the path to a more secure future.

Create Quick Cash for Your Business With Invoice Factoring

Cash flow difficulties can be the bane of the modern businesses. Even profitable enterprises have been crippled by poor cash flow and forced into ceasing trading. While this prospect can be daunting, especially as many banks and financial institutions are reluctant to lend, invoice factoring could provide the solution for your business.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice factoring is a process of releasing the potential funds owing on client invoices. When factoring invoices, the factoring company provides a percentage of the total for your client invoice. This can then be repaid plus a small fee when the invoice has been settled. This means that you are not waiting for the client to pay in order to purchase raw materials or cover production costs. This allows you access to working capital almost immediately upon receiving a customer order. While this is not particularly useful for small invoices, it can allow you to harness the potential of larger customer orders and obtain the cash you to need to improve your cash flow.

The Advantages of Invoice Factoring:

Many business owners have considered the various ways to release the funds tied up in unpaid invoices. However, with options such as loans or credit cards, the charges can be prohibitive and actually comprise cash flow further in the long term. However, with invoice factoring, the factoring company verifies the invoice and approves the release of cash. In many cases, the factoring company can provide the funds in a matter of hours. The main advantage of factoring invoices is that it is based on the creditworthiness of your clients rather that the credit history of your business. The factoring company will evaluate the payment record of your client and their stability to determine if they are likely to pay. While there may be other criteria imposed, this can be a great way for businesses to obtain the cash they need quickly.

If you would like to know more about invoice factoring options
, contact us. We would be happy to discuss your business requirements and assist you in finding the finance solution best suited to your needs.

A finance optimist in 2015? You are in good company!


If you are optimistic about your finances in 2015, then you are in good company. Recent research suggests that people are more optimistic than ever about their finances in 2015.


“Markit” research suggests high levels of confidence in finances for the year ahead

Markit recently conducted a survey of householders to determine the level of confidence people have in terms of finances for the year ahead. It was discovered that people are more confident than even that their financial prospects will improve in 2015. Factors that contribute to the high levels of confidence include reduced consumer inflation and stable interest rates.


Consumer inflation levels are typically measured using a tool called the consumer price index, and in 2014 this registered an all time low in terms of consumer inflation. In fact the rate was the lowest since 2000. Experts are predicting that it will hit even lower levels before the end of 2015.


Interest rates?

The survey also showed that people are also more optimistic than ever regarding interest rates and whether these will increase or decrease. More than 1/3rd of respondents stated they believed that there would be no interest hikes in the first part of 2015.


That said, interest rates on loans are being forced up in some sectors, for example in the “fast loans” sector, providers like Wonga are being forced to choke interest rates on credit products as a result of the government regulation in the area of short-term credit.


All in all though, the research is in; the numbers have been crunched and we are a bunch of finance optimists in 2015! And with all the optimism that finances are going to improve in 2015 – here are a few tips to augment the savings we appear to be anticipating in 2015.


Tips to save cash


Learn a recipe

Spend lots of cash on takeaway food and convenience food? Well, why not learn how to cook the meal you have eaten most frequently in the last 6 weeks? Whether you are a sucker for chicken korma or you like a nice bag of fish and chips, the good news is that it is much cheaper to make these than to buy them, so why not really do your homework and find a great, lip-smacking recipe for your fav indulgence and buy the ingredients so you can make your own at home?


Get walking

Do you spend lots of cash on petrol for the car? Why not get your trainers on and walk to work? Many of us would say we do not have the time to do exercise on a daily basis, but a really good way around this is to build exercise into your daily life, so you are not going for a pointless 2k walk – you are actually walking to work, getting healthier and saving cash as well.


Avoid shopping on an empty stomach and always make a shopping list

Many people overspend when they do the grocery shopping. A lot of this is down to planning. If you do not plan your weekly meals you are more likely to overestimate what you need for the week. When you make a shopping list, you can ensure that you spend the right amount of cash. Additionally shopping on an empty stomach makes you much more likely to splurge – so don’t do it!!!


Your views?

Let us know what you think by posting a comment !

Where to find used cars: A Beginners’ Guide

No truer is the saying, ‘one man’s trash is another mans’ gold’ than when it is said in relation to a used car. This is of no surprise given all of the benefits that may be gained from buying a used rather than a new car. These include, for instance, a large reduction in both the initial cost and its subsequent depreciation in value. After all, new cars not only cost substantially more than a used car to buy but they also depreciate in value from the moment you drive them off the forecourt.


That is not to mention the additional fees that are often added on by the car dealership or, of course, those ‘essential’ extras that clever sales persons entice you into buying. The only difficulty with buying a used car is knowing where to buy one from, as unfortunately you are rarely bombarded with advertisements from places that sell them in volume. The good news is that help is at hand. Read on for our tips and advice on the best places to buy the perfect used car for you.


Private Seller


There are many cars available from private sellers; the trick is to pick the right ones. You can see many ads in magazines such as Auto Trader or even your local newspaper. Before visiting a person’s house to view a car make sure that you speak to them on the phone beforehand – they could be a front for a dealer. Whenever possible you should also take someone with you and finally; make sure that you have a test drive and that they have all of the correct documents which you should make sure you see, including its service history and, finally, consider getting a vehicle inspection carried out. But beware, while you might save money by buying privately you will have little comeback if something goes wrong soon after you have driven it away.


Used Car Dealership


A big positive about used car dealerships is the sheer volume of them that populate the typical British town suburbs. There is bound to be one within your vicinity and it is likely to have a varied, if a possibly limited (for example mainly make-specific), choice. Before going to a used car dealership it is important to do your research on the company and, if at all possible, act on a recommendation.




There is also a number of used car dealerships online that, as they are unrestricted by car lots, have a huge choice. Take note, however, that as with any online transaction you have to take security precautions and be careful to ensure that you are buying from a reputable website. AA Cars, for instance, may be a site that you would trust as they are a well-established company with an excellent reputation. There are also additional benefits from buying online. For instance, existing AA members that buy a used car through their website are entitled to either twelve months free breakdown cover or a free upgrade while all of the cars advertised on their website come with a full AA 26 point History Check.

Christmas Dilemmas: Top Tips on Making Your Cash Stretch Until the January Payday


With the festive period just around the corner, it can feel like a million years from now to your next pay-packet. With the January payday seemingly taking forever to arrive in your account, now is the time to get financially savvy so you don’t have to live on bread and water come the New Year. You need to make sure that you are budgeting your money and not overspending. Yes, over Christmas this can be something of a difficult task. You don’t have to live like a monk, but you can ensure that you have a great Christmas and not have to worry about living month to month come January.

Making your money stretch is no easy feat. But, it can be done with some careful planning and this helpful guide. We’ll do the hard work for you; you only have to exercise willpower.

Plan, Plan, Plan

Making sure that your money is not stretched to the limits can be tough, but a little forward planning is essential at this time of year. If you have debts that need taking care of, look into free debt consolidation to help you manage your finances. Make the minimum payments and make sure that you don’t get charged any late fees. Set up a budget planner for December and January and ensure that you include all of your Christmas activities within the planner. This will help you calculate costs and make sure that you don’t overspend.

Cut the Interest Payments on Your Loans

If you need to start making a dent in your debts, it may seem like the last month of the year is not the right time to do this, but it can be done. You may find that you are only paying off the interest. This is a bad move and will impact on your finances going into the next year. Make sure that you are still paying your debts but see if you can get your interest reduced. There is no harm in asking, so contact your creditors over the festive period.

Make sure that you are seeking out 0% balance transfers and consolidation loans to help you cut interest further. Of course, these come with a wealth of terms and conditions, so make sure that you check the fine print. Never default on payments as this will negatively impact on your credit score. Keep up to date with all of your payments and make cutbacks on your leisure time. You don’t have to spend a fortune at Christmas, but keeping up to date with your bills and financial obligations is imperative at this time.

While the thought of making your money last is daunting, there are some things that you definitely shouldn’t do over the festive period.


DON’T: Use Credit Cards to Withdraw Cash

Yes, you are feeling the pinch but you should never, ever take money out on your credit card. If you want to see your interest on your credit cards skyrocket, this is a great way to go about it. You can be charged a huge amount on a cash withdrawal. The credit rates that are applicable to credit transfers do not apply to the withdrawal of cash. Okay, so we may be hammering the point here, but you get the meaning. You should not draw cash out on your credit card, no matter how lean your finances are.

DON’T: Take Out a Payday Loan

While the lure of money can seem overwhelming in hard times, you should not seek out a payday loan to get you through the winter months. The interest rates are huge; some payday lenders have APR rates of 1000%. Yes, really. So, while this may seem like a short term option, it’s not a good road to go down, no matter how short the time period that you are proposing to borrow for.

There are some brilliant ways that you can free up your cash during the December and January months.

DO: Use Good Old Fashioned Cash

Physical money is the best way of making sure that you have enough dough to see you through to January. Compile a monthly budget and devise how much you can realistically afford to spend each week. Take the cash out of the ATM on a Monday and use it right through until the end of the week. It’s frighteningly easy to overspend even just using a debit card, so make sure that you use the cash and that you leave your debit and credit cards at home. This will take willpower, but you will also make sure that your finances are in the best possible position.

DO: Make Cut Backs

Whether it is Christmas or not, you still have financial priorities and obligations. Make sure that you are paying all of your bills and don’t miss a payment. You need to make sure that you are fulfilling your financial commitments over the festive period. With this, it may mean cutting back on a few things. You don’t have to forgo going out, but making sure that you are sensible with your money is vital during this time. It’s time to cut back on luxuries. Shop around for food and drink deals. Have a night in. cook for friends. You can still eat, drink and be merry over the seasonal period, but you need to endeavour to not break the bank.

When Cutting Back Isn’t Enough

Of course, for many, the festive period can seem like a huge expense that they can ill afford. If this applies to you, you may need to start thinking about your finances in a different way. If you have a lot of debt, you need to communicate with your creditors or seek out some sort of payment plan to manage your money in a more detailed fashion. Do ensure that you speak to your bank, creditors and utility company and see if you can stretch out the payments. After all, the only hangover you want this Christmas is from enjoying the festive period. Make sure that your finances are in check so that you can have a prosperous 2015.

Cutting the Cost of Car Maintenance and Everyday Living

After consecutive months of stagnation, average incomes in the UK are finally expected to rise during 2015. This is great news for families and home-owners, who can begin to enjoy an improved standard of living and look to reduce any debt that they may have incurred in previous years. If they can also continue to reduce the cost of everyday living and maintain a relatively frugal lifestyle, they can begin to accumulate savings and build towards a brighter financial future.


How to Cut the Cost of Car Maintenance in a Safe and Simple Manner


In terms of reducing the cost of living, one of the first things that you should focus on is the maintenance of your car or family vehicle. Owning a car can place a great strain on your finances, as everything from purchase costs to annual insurance premiums command a significant portion of your budget. Maintenance is also a key issue, whether this includes regular, scheduled check-ups or planned works that arise as a result of general wear and tear. There are ways in which you can negate these costs, however, so long as you adopt a proactive outlook and are willing to invest time into the endeavour.


As a starting point, you may want to consider learning the basics of automotive repair. While some tasks are relatively complex and require expert assistance, for example, others are simple and can be easily learned within a short period of time. Take changing the oil in your car or refreshing its tyres, for example, as these tasks require little more than a rudimentary understanding of mechanics and a small amount of physical labour. This can help to save money over a prolonged period of time, while also laying the foundation for you to learn more about automotive repairs.


Learning the more Complex Arts of Automotive Repair


As you become more proficient and completing simple and unskilled automotive repairs, you can begin to consider expanding your knowledge and attempting more complex tasks. This can include anything from repairing an exhaust pipe to refreshing the brake pads on your vehicle, so long as you have completed the necessary courses and have the ability to complete these tasks in a safe and efficient manner. You can even invest in some purposeful mechanical equipment from a reputable supplier such as SGS Engineering, which in turn will enable you to complete a wider range of tasks at home and save considerable sums of money in the long-term.



3 Important Elements Every Business That Stores Fuel Must Consider

Whatever type of business you run, whether a small delivery service or large-scale manufacturing operation, if you use and store a lot of fuel then you’ll want to be doing it in the best way possible. With fuel prices forever jumping up and down and as a vital commodity for your business, it is essential your fuel storage is top notch.

To be efficient, cost effective and fit in with all the legal requirements, as well as doing your bit for the environment, the following three pointers should be checked for your business.


When storing fuel safety is vital, due to the potential flammable and explosive elements most types of fuel contain.There are legal requirements that must be adhered to by all companies that store fuel and followed by their employees. It is advisable to have the key safety points relayed to and put up where all employees can read them. Depending on the type of fuel safety advice may differ but training must be given to all new employees as well as ensuring the correct protective clothing is worn when necessary.

The Environment

Until all vehicles run on vegetable oil most common fuels still pose an environmental risk. All new storage tanks, and in particular bunded tanks, should be better at preventing spillages or leaks. For this reason it is a good idea to check your current tanks and swap for a newer model if there are problems.

When siting new tanks make sure they are placed in low risk locations. Avoid being near any water courses, on a roadside or elsewhere that increases the chance of a collision. Make sure everything possible is done to prevent leaks as these can be costly and damaging to clear up.

Legal Regulations

Regulations are forever changing and the same is true for fuel storage. It is therefore important to check that your fuel storage tanks fit in line with the current legal regulations. Not only may the storage tanks you are using at the moment be illegal but if you don’t follow the legal oil storage regulations you can be fined up to £5,000.

That’s an unnecessary business expense. Instead Commercial Fuel Solutions have a range of bunded oil storage tanks from 350 to 60,000 litre capacity that meet current regulations and come with minimum ten year guarantees. All storage tanks with over a 200 litre capacity must legally be bunded.

Sticky: 3 Highly effective Habits You may use for Organization Success

Your mind is definitely your ideal obstacle along with opponent that you ever face in relation to succeeding operational. I can’t agree additional based by myself experiences operational throughout your years.

30Regretfully, people don’t succeed at business simply because are certainly not properly geared up, nor do they have got the attributes, to truly find good results. Your good results is, in simple terms, the capacity to form practices for good results. We will never manage to succeed in case we miss what each of our limitations are generally, and change so as to overcome these people. Everyone could develop these kind of habits. You’ll want to realize this is the possibility in your case.
Don’t hesitate when you find yourself in business–make sure this can be one of your respective mantras pertaining to success. Success is might know about all want operational, but it can be downright dangerous if you let by yourself become complacent. You need to apply these hints in the remaining you have ever had too when you can escape from all manner of unpleasantness if you do. Just about the most effective way to implement this for a business should be to tie your current productivity for a cash stream. When was a final time anyone truly looked at the processes you have for output or tried to further improve upon these people? There are generally at very least some things your small business can boost upon. Folks who wants find everything, focus alternatively on items like new product or service development or on the marketing.
If you find a distinct business problem that you just can’t apparently solve, try investigating it coming from a new standpoint. It’s standard to merely let yourself go to a few probable solutions. It’s possible to look at the situation via different views but every individual only contains the one single standpoint. This is when you wish to make use of leverage by simply calling throughout others as part of your business for a lot of brainstorming. Your self confidence might preserve you from accomplishing this, which truly could work versus you. Call a gathering of your very best self minds, say to them the trouble, and then keep these things just say any situation that comes in your thoughts. You’ll see that, often, the perfect solution is at that time.
Your organization such as Netotrade is something that you can never miss. Every element of it, which include employees, are incredibly important. As an alternative to fixing a difficulty in earlier stages, a lot of companies will certainly ignore troubles until a thing very undesirable occurs. As an illustration, take your digital equipment that you just use every day like pcs and mobile devices. Through standard servicing, most of problems which have been typically experienced only will not reveal. But that is certainly probably deemed discretionary price by nearly all businesses. If it is not done often, production, plus your company, could visit a screeching reduce. To be sure your business has no catastrophic failures this way, regular maintenance is actually recommended. If you struggle using your business and yes it feels just like you aren’t receiving anywhere, the good thing you are able to do is employ what you could have learned below. When you check out your continual inner problems, you are going to see a number of patterns. Look in the mirror given that they typically echo personal views and conducts.

How to choose between nissan rogue and mercedes-benz c-class

When it comes to buying cars, people have a lot of opinions and can get very passionate about their choice for many cars are almost like other preferences in lifestyle and many people are very set in their ways. It is always best of course to know what you want and what you need in order to have a list of goals that the car should fulfil and how it should make you feel. So if you are about to purchase either a Nissan rogue or a mercedez-benz c-class, make sure you do your homework and always know what you are doing before you purchase anything at all.

the choice between luxury cars and everyday winners like Nissan always becomes a point of contention among people. For some, practical value is all they need and for others the luxury and prestige are always taking top position when they are making a decision to buy this or that car. For many this will be a question of money and prestigious cars always represent class and high social standing. Btu at the same time, it is like buying into an exclusive club where only the members who have paid their tickets can get in. and also, with a lot of luxury vehicles you are also getting luxury services which is a huge turn on for many people.

Of course if you are looking for everything that is the best of the best, then you simply need to look at the new mercedez-benz c-class as a car that will take the breath away of many different car owners out there. In 2015 there will be a new model coming out with standard LED headlights and an amazing Burmester audio system. T will also boast road-gripping all-wheel drive and will have optional driver assistance features that sound like something out of the self-driving future. All in all, it is a comfortable and even somewhat sporty drive, and a midsize luxury sedan that will beat a lot of competition out of the park. The lines are smooth and the road to autonomous vehicles is the right one, because the luxury market is sure to be moving in that direction.

In the USA there are two types to choose from, C300 and C400, the first boasting a turbocharged four-cylinder engine and the second a six-cylinder one. An all wheel drive is available on the C300 and standard with the C400. So make sure which one is the better choice since their price ranges from 50000$ to 60000$ and higher. So obviously if you are not thinking in those budgetary limits you will have to go for a more practical and affordable Nissan vehicle.

For many people nowadays buying a car is a balance between practical value and prestige, how much you pay and what you get out of the car. Luxury vehicles may have all the latest tech but many drivers don’t even need the bells and whistles as long as the car is a good car.

Different Types of Solicitors

If you are in a legal fix or you are looking someone to help you in a legal matter then hiring a solicitor is the best option to go with. Even sometimes legal problems that look so straight forward ended up in having very complex implications. The person who is capable of dealing with such kind of scenarios should be hired so that he/she could bail you out from that situation. As there are numerous problems to deal with, you will get as many different types of solicitors. A specialist solicitor has expertise in a particular field but he/she wouldn’t be specialist in other fields. In order get a specialist solicitor, first of all you have to identify your problem so that you can hire a proper solicitor.

There are few kinds of solicitors so you can choose regarding your problem nature. First is High Street Solicitors who are equally trained in different fields of law. Either they would help you directly or would recommend you towards a specialist solicitor. Property solicitors are clear from their name that they have expertise in land/property related issues. Property solicitor would make things go a little faster and legally as well.

Divorce solicitors are those solicitors who would help you in getting divorce from your life partner. If you want a divorce then you should hire a divorce specialist solicitor. This person would help you in settling your legal matters, properly divide up your property and would allow you to get a fair settlement. Injury solicitors are those solicitors that would bail you out in claiming your medical claims or if you are unable to get claims then with the help of these solicitors you can file suit against that company or individual too.

Tax solicitors are popular among business owners as they would help you in dealing with your taxes. There are number of issues which make tax system a little complicated so these solicitors would allow you to get your taxes at minimum levels. Employment solicitors work with employees and employers so that they can settle their disputes. Unfair dismissals are prime example of cases that are being delt by these solicitors.