How Do You Pick The Best Cloud Based CRM Software?

There is a right way and a wrong way to going about how to pick the best cloud based CRM software for your company. What throws many businesses off is that how you pick your CRM contains both. In other words, it’s easy to start off on the right path but to stop before you really know which is the best cloud based CRM software for you. Here is an overview of the steps that you should be taking to make your consideration. Whether you are trying to find CRM for a global concern, or CRM for small business, the steps apply.

Step #1 – Know What You Need Your CRM To Do

First you need to know what type of CRM you are looking for – one for a major entity or a small business? Make sure you are gauging the size of your business according to the amount of users you expect on your CRM.

You could be as big and global as IBM, but if only your customer service for one product line is going to use your CRM, then you may be better off sizing down to CRM for small business. Conversely, you could be a one person operation, but have thousands of customers using your CRM platform to manage their owners, this requires a mobile CRM platform that can accommodate a global user population.

Step #2 – Define What Programs And Operations You Need Integrated

The best cloud based CRM software isn’t good because it offers more features than the rest, it is good because it offers all the features you need. If you are going cloud based then mobile CRM is key. What applications do you need your team accessing through their mobile devices to keep things rolling? Everything from accounting to social media and more can be integrated under CRM.

Step #3 – Assess The Adoption Potential

This means to assess the likelihood of adoption success within your company. Are you a company chock full of early adopters? Or should you be planning on more extensive training on the new CRM system. If your plan is to use mobile CRM you should make sure that you have adequate training in place. For CRM for small business, training is essential. A larger company can absorb the cost and delays of mistakes with their adoption rates in the beginning, as a small business you have no time for this.

Step #4 – The Cost And Delivery

The last step should be the cost consideration. Whether you are looking for CRM for small business, mobile CRM access for a large corporation, customer portal access or any other kind of usage level you need to make sure the cost is sustainable, advises Computer World. Many of the best cloud based CRM software services price according to tiers of access, not features. Know how many people you expect to use your CRM to know what to project in cost.

How to Save Money when Moving into Your First Home

Whether a person is buying or renting, moving into their first home is an extremely exciting and life-changing moment for them. Everyone wants their new house to be perfect in every way possible, but a tight budget can keep them from creating the home they have dreamed of.

How to Save Money when Moving into Your First Home

Luckily, there are some ways anyone can save money during the move in and set up process of their new place. These tips can help anyone create their ideal living space right away within their budget. Here are some ways to save money when moving into your first new home.

Research the area’s service providers

Many new home owners will be a bit confused when trying to find the right service providers for everything in their house. Things like energy, water, and TV service are commonly all handled by different companies, and home owners need to make sure they are choosing the best provider. Visit to get the best deals on TV services.

Ask the previous owners some questions

In most cases, there will be a previous owner or tenant of the home that a new home owner can speak with. This connection can answer a lot of questions for a person that may have taken them months to figure out on their own. Ask questions like, ‘where are the gas and electric meters?’ and, ‘do you have any instruction manuals for appliances in the home?’

Spend money on the right furniture

Investing in furniture is something that most people will need to do when they move into a new place. However, it is important to know what furniture to invest in and where to save some money. Most people will invest in pieces they will use every day, like a coffee table, but will save on other items not so important for the function of the home, like book cases.

Avoid unnecessary insurance

Most new home owners will be bombarded with offers to insure every single item in their house. Though some insurance is essential and necessary, there are many types of insurance that no one will ever need. For example, insurance for appliances in the house is often unnecessary because these appliances will be covered under the manufacturer warranty.

Make a list for every shopping trip

Once a person has settled into their home and begins to see what items they are missing, they will often head to the store and wander around until they have a cart full of things they think they need. However, many of these items could be unnecessary impulse purchases. Make a list and stick to it to avoid overspending.

Dress up old décor

Buying new décor is preferred for a new house, but new décor for every room of the home can be extremely expensive. Try to save some money by revamping old decorations from a previous home. For example, paint old furniture to give it a new look and a new life in the current space.

Tips On Finding The Best Cloud CRM Software For Financial Advisors

Managing peoples’ finances is something that requires businesses and customers to be truly connected and to have a proper trust of one another. After all, one’s finances are amongst the most important facets of one’s life, so being able to trust one’s advisor is the only thing that will keep one going back to them again and again.

For financial advisors, this trust must be upheld by properly managing communications with customers as well as managing customers’ details. These things keep service snappy, secure, and, above all, friendly.

One of the ways many businesses manage their clients’ information is by making use of CRM solutions to manage their customers’ information and communication, and finding the best cloud CRM software for financial advisors is the best way of ensuring that existing customers keep coming back to you and new ones find their way to you.

What Is CRM Software?

 CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Software is a suite of software designed to help businesses manage their interactions with customers. These involve the storage and management of customers’ payment information, contact details, and personal information as well as the automation of emails and invoices.

By automating these processes and keeping content well-organized, businesses appear more competent and approachable, thereby winning the trust of customers, bringing new ones in. Such software is essential to a business’ growth.

Of course, in the past such things were reserved for the bigger financial advisors. Nowadays, however, these solutions are often available in the Cloud, meaning that they can be accessed by even the smallest of financial advisor businesses.

What Does The Cloud Change?

 The Cloud is a set of interconnected servers and processors which allow businesses and individuals alike to store information to access it from a range of devices. However, while this is what the Cloud is best known for, its swansong is most certainly its ability to run programs independent of the hardware being used to access it.

This means that most any device with an Internet connection – including PCs, Macs, and smart devices – can run the same software without the need to buy multiple licenses. In addition to this, the Cloud is also constantly online, and thus has access to a range of online tools such as social network plugins, analytics, and collaborative tools which businesses can use to manage client information from anywhere and on just about any device. This makes it an ideal solution for financial advisors who may need to visit clients away from the office.

Research Is The Most Important Bit

 Just like with any business investment, the most important thing to do is properly assess the different options available to your business. When researching the best CRM software for financial advisors, it is important to know exactly what features your business will need as well as how much it can spend. In addition to this, it is advised to read reviews written by users to get an idea of how the software works and the extent to which it delivers on its promises.

How to make your money work for you?

Investing is one of the best ways to make your money work you and acquire wealth. Investing can help you multiply your existing wealth and there are plenty of investment options available today such as stocks, commodities, binary options trading, forex currency pairs, investing in historical documents and rare coins etc.

Investing in Commodities:

Investing in commodities is one of the easiest and safe methods for beginners since it does not require expert trading skills. Commodities such as agricultural items, precious metals like Gold and silver, energy goods like coal and oil etc. are all important for our day-to-day life. In order to diversify your investments beyond traditional bonds and stocks you can start investing in commodities based on your prediction of price movements. It does not require high capitals like stocks trading and is a suitable mode of investment for average people. One of the famous commodities’ investment techniques is futures contract. It’s an agreement to sell or purchase a certain quantity of commodity at predetermined price in the future date. If your speculations about the price movement are correct you will definitely make lot of money by investing in commodities.

Investing in Mutual Funds and Equities:

You can also invest in mutual funds which can be of different types such as stocks or equity funds, money market funds, hybrid funds and security or bond funds. Mutual funds are investment schemes which are professionally managed and funded by shareholders and they capitalize on diversified assets like stocks, security bonds or commodities. Before investing in mutual funds you should identify your financial goals clearly and also decide the time frame of investment meaning when you need your money in return. You should also determine the amount of risk involved and the ROI before investing in mutual funds. Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) are also gaining attraction among investors in last decade and many investors prefer to own these securities rather than individual equities or mutual funds.

Investing in historical documents, rare coins and collectibles:

Numismatics is also gaining popularity nowadays and having historical documents, rare coins and collectibles as an alternate method of investment to diversify your portfolio can definitely minimize your risks and guarantee substantial long-term profit. You can think about investing in historical documents like authentic autographs of notable scientists and politicians, stamps, rare coins and various other collectibles of aesthetic value. With prevailing uncertainty in stocks and other trade markets along with economic ups and downs, investing in such hard assets can help you diversify your portfolio and minimize the risk involved. Collectibles can safeguard you against market fluctuations and appreciate in value over a period of time. They can be considered similar to investing in commodities but can provide higher financial returns.

Investing in Binary Options:

Binary options trading are also recent methods of investment that you can rely on which are financial instruments that could result only in 2 outcomes and are also known as “all-or-nothing” options. Also you can get up to 80% returns on your investment with binary options even if you right only 50% of the time. Binary options are considered to be safer investment since they have pre-determined risk and simple risk/reward profiles. If you understand some of the basic binary options trading strategies you can get consistent profits and become a successful investor regardless of varying market conditions.

In order to become a successful investor you should also understand the trading strategies which are classified into two types namely Fundamental trading strategies and Technical trading strategies. Fundamental strategies require careful watching of market news and events which cause sudden trends based on which you should predict the future price movement while technical analysis requires expert knowledge of market data, graphs, technical charts and indicators etc. Another popular trading strategy for binary options is the use of Support and Resistance for Puts and Calls. Once you find the right spot, you can put trades in resistance area and call trades in support area. You should analyze the technical charts and understand how the price movement happened in past to predict how it will happen in future. By following the right trading strategies and using proper financial instruments, you can really make your money work for you and become a successful investor.

Why Apps are Towering Over the Traditional Pc Software

You might have heard that these days almost every business is trying to get their own app. Whether it’s the pizza business or the e-commerce, almost everyone with an online presence is trying to get their app on the app stores. But why are so many businesses investing in developing their apps. In this article we will answer exactly that. We will skim through some points that will make it clear as to why more and more businesses s are investing in app development.

  • The way people use internet has changed:

Earlier people used to surf the internet on their personal computers and laptops. But that trend has witnessed a sharp decline and if experts are to believed, this trend will end in less than ten years from now. People are moving towards hand held devices. As you might already know that hand held devices run on three major operating systems today i.e. Apples’ios, Goggle’s Android and Microsoft’s Windows Mobile. All these three operating systems are based on the core ideology of division of labor by entrusting specific tasks to specific apps.Targeting audience and budget plays the important role with the development of the website so the Graftene understands the better needs of clients.

  • Surfing the net has become more personal:

Today, surfing the net has become a more personal experience. Earlier people used to surf the net in cyber cafes and on personal computers that were used by many other people. But today most of us have a hand held device that is very much personal to us and is used only by us. The personalization extends on the digital level too. For example earlier, all of the data was saved by the web browsers. This saved data could be easily stolen from the repository of the web browsers. But today apps save their own data which is specific only to them. This way the data itself has become more personal.

  • Apps offer better and targeted experience:

Gone are the days when people used to install huge software on their computers. These software served a broad range of purpose and offered multiple services. But most of us never used the entire bundle of services that used to come with the software. Most of us used only one or two specific services. Apps address this issue excellently. Apps are smaller in size as compared to the traditional pc software and they offer targeted services. This means that there is an app for you on the app store even if you are looking for only some basic services.

Skip the Yard Sale: Best Ways to Sell Your Junk

You probably have lots of personal “junk” stored in your attic or basement and would like to free up the space for other uses. We all enjoy stopping at a yard sale, but to actually have your own yard sale to get rid of unwanted items is a huge job. Once you decide what you want to sell, the real work of sorting and pricing begins. Once you finish that task, you have to pick a date (and alternate rain date), advertise in the paper, make signs to post on the sale day, hope it doesn’t rain, find a place to park your cars for the day, and don’t forget to get small bills and change at the bank. And then you sit, for hours, watching people mess up your beautifully organized garage sale tables. There must be a better way.

Traditional Ways to Sell Your Junk

Cozi states that many people use Craigslist to get rid of unwanted items. It’s a waiting game and people may not find your listing. There is also a certain amount of risk of being contacted by someone with criminal intent. Advertising in your local newspaper’s classified section is another option for selling unused items collecting dust. Never allow any person to come to your home, and always meet in a public area during daylight hours.

Selling At Auction

According to Matheson’s Auction, an estate liquidation service in West Palm Beach FL, if you have a lot of things to sell, or are in charge of liquidating a friend or relative’s estate, having an auction is the most practical solution. The only work you have to do is sit down with the auction company and go over all the particulars. Choose an auction house that has a good reputation for advertising and item exposure. The lowest priced auction may not be the one that really draws the crowds through advertising. There are fees associated with an auction, but when you consider the fact you will most likely receive more money for your items than other types of selling, the costs are reasonable. Fees include the seller’s premium, which is generally a percentage of the selling price or a flat fee. The fee goes to the auction house for selling your item. Additional fees may be charged if you choose to have any of your items photographed and featured in a catalog or mailer. Always ask for a list of all potential fees, and remember most are negotiable.

Spend a little time going through the things you no longer need or want and try selling at auction to make some extra money.


Promoting your Optrafair Exhibition Stall

So the stall is booked and your professional eye care company is ready to sell itself at the UK’s biggest audited eye care trade show at the NEC Birmingham next April. But how will attendees know to come to your stall? Optrafair exhibition stalls sell out early, so if yours isn’t booked, do it now.


More information and booking can be found here on the official Optrafair site.

Promote your Giveaway

Use your social media accounts to let potential visitors know of something great about your stall well in advance. You could offer anything from water bottles, coffee, chocolates or a goodie bag. If you have a limited number of goodie bags, make sure potential attendees understand that they have to visit early to claim theirs.

Get the Stall Right

No amount of promotion will help if the stall itself doesn’t look fabulous. Seek out plenty of Optrafair exhibition information and stall ideas to make sure you get it right.

Run a Competition

A competition such as this one last year from Wolf Eyewear, is sure to attract a lot of visitors, especially if you promote the competition in advance by sending press releases to industry news magazines.

Post Photos of the Stall

Once you have the stall up and running take some great pictures and post them on your social media networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and even mention the official @optrafair twitter feed for the hope of a retweet. Potential visitors may then recognise your stall when they see it and gravitate towards it. This is also a chance to let people know where you are in the NEC.

Launch a Product

A trade fair is THE time to launch a new product. Create some buzz around the product on your website and even using email marketing and social media. Make sure potential customers know you’ll be exhibiting this for the first time at the Optrafair.

As you can see, creating a buzz around your stall before the event, whether it’s a competition, a limited number giveaway or a product launch, is a great way to get your presence out there before the show. A well timed social media photo of your stall and updates throughout the show is another great way to get people excited.

How the role of civil society is growing

The voluntary sector has developed enormously in recent years. This is partly thanks to initiatives such as the government’s ‘big society’ which encourages charities and local bodies to take up the slack left by official organisations.


What is civil society?

There are more than 185,000 charities in the UK covering a wide variety of sectors and ranging in size from those with annual incomes of just a few hundred pounds to those that deal in millions.

Civil society also encompasses faith organisations, trade unions, clubs and more. There is a continuing shift towards these bodies working with and alongside governments and businesses to contribute to the growth and success of society as a whole.

What all of these bodies have in common is that they rely on a grass roots membership for their success. Keeping in touch with those members and being able to organise them to be effective is key. This has led many organisations to turn to membership management systems from companies such as in order to streamline handling subscriptions, news distribution and more. This has the added advantage of reducing time and resources spent on administration.

Why is civil society important?

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has put considerable effort into looking at how civil society is developing. One of its key findings is that increasingly voluntary and civil society bodies are no longer seen as a third force.

Increasingly they are a binding force for public and private sector activity to strengthen the common good. However, this may place additional strains on organisations, moving them away from their core values and into new areas.

It’s important therefore that all bodies remain accountable, both to their members and to the public at large. But at the same time charities and local groups can serve as watchdogs to hold other groups such as business and government departments to account.

The key conclusion of the WEF’s study is that civil society plays an important role in our everyday lives. In a changing world it can enable communities to become stronger and reinforce the values of society. Add to this the power of the internet to connect people and improving levels of education around the world, and the role of civil society is set to be greater than ever.

Factors to consider before investing in your membership management system

You are ready to upgrade your approach to membership management and buy a digital solution, but what are the factors you need to consider?


What is wrong with the existing process?

If your current system wasn’t broken, you probably wouldn’t be looking to fix it! Look at your existing process to work out where inefficiencies and errors are creeping in. Firstly, you may find that your existing membership administration scheme is administration- and resource-heavy and uses different systems ‒ both on and offline ‒ to manage customer transactions and accounts. Secondly, you might find that it is proving too difficult to keep on top of a growing membership base and service members’ needs properly without rapid access to their data and member history. You might also be keen to offer members self-service and intelligent marketing based on their preferences and user history.

What is your budget?

There are a number of membership management systems on the market, and costs vary widely. Consider whether you want a cloud deployed solution, which has a number of benefits. Firstly, this tends to be costed by licence or user, and as an annual fee. Secondly, system upgrades are deployed via the web so that there is no downtime, which can be a real asset to a busy business. Thirdly, these off-the-shelf systems tend to have different options that you can choose to plug in to your eventual package, depending on your objectives and available budget.

What are your resource needs?

You may have an IT team that can manage the technical elements of the implementation, or you may prefer to buy this in; equally, you may have an in-house training team that can upskill your staff, or you may not. Be very clear on what resources you have available before you assess your solution. Membership management staff are the obvious choice to train up on the new IT-based solution, but bear in mind that some budget may need to be allocated for their personal development. You can find support, advice and training at your local Chamber of Commerce, or why not visit Ofec for a membership management system and a supportive team?

What other factors will you be considering before you invest in your next membership management system?

How To Make Your Shelves Sell Your Products For You

Businesses depend on proper shelving solutions more than you would think. Not only do they have to make sure that they have adequate storage area for items on that they are selling, they also need to have adequate storage space for visual displays and additional inventory items (stockroom, etc.).

image002In addition to this, businesses need to make sure that their shelves are placed strategically so that specific shoppers see what you want them to see. The layout of your shelves can potentially make a would be express shopper leave with three or four bags of items instead.

The retail industry is just as equally about psychology as it is about business. So if you’re a new business who has some new shelves to fill or an old business that’s looking to change things up a bit, here are a few tips to follow.

The Layout Is Important

The arrangement of your shelves is what’s important. You don’t want to be too overbearing, there’s no need to force your products down your customer’s throats, that might just end up alienating or irritating them. You just want to let them that you have that they want or need, even when they aren’t looking for those specific things.

Supermarkets are one of the easiest and most common retail environments in which these techniques can be used; however, as long as your retail store incorporates shelving these same principles can be used.


This is where you will most likely need to make your biggest impression. It is very important that your entrance helps your customers get into a shopping mindset, so to speak. Your goal here is to pull individuals into your store from outside as well as also get them interested and invested enough to want to go deeper into your store.

Your shelves and other storage areas here should be filled with items that are colorful and eye catching, generally very interesting, and also products that are on sale as well.

Front To Middle

This is where you would place your average items and/or items that people wouldn’t normally buy without buying something else. For example, if you own a fishing supply store then you could place fishing apparel like vests and gloves here. Similarly, a grocery story could put their fresh vegetables and fruit here or their bakery.

Middle To Back

This is the area that most of your customers were initially looking for when they walked in. Most of your popular items should be placed on your shelves here so that if customers actually wanted something here they would have to pass things that they may not have initially wanted but now feel compelled to get.

The same fishing supply store would have their rods and reels here while a grocery store would have foods like milk, eggs, etc.

Cash Register

This is where you put smaller items that are relatively inexpensive. The idea here is that someone waiting in line would feel an impulse to grab one or two of whatever is placed here without going too far over their current total.

The fishing supply store would have things like colorful lures here and the grocery store would have gum, sweets, and chocolate.

As a retailer, it is your job to not only have the most efficient shelving solution, you also need to understand how to utilize your shelfs so that they sell your products for you. Proper layout and product placement can go a long way.